Look2See (L2C)
a collaborative partnership between GC Reno & Simfusion

Immersive applications that bring visualization and personalization to home building and renovation projects

Building in-house solutions are expensive and timely. Leveraging our AR and VR platforms provides the customization that you require without technical expertise.



Home Stores and Vendors

Home Improvement & Furnishing Retailers and Vendors.

eCommerce Solutions

Approximately 40% of consumers would be willing to spend more on a product if they can experience it through Augmented Reality. With real-time access to in-store inventory, personalized marketing messages and the ability to showcase products to scale, businesses that offer AR features can increase sales, conversion rates and number of products sold.

Example: National Energy Equipment AR App

In-Store Offerings

Virtual reality has become a significant sales tool for commercial retailers.In-store solutions like VR headsets, touchscreens and kiosks can immerse customers into the vision you’re trying to sell, reducing marketing costs and product returns while increasing your insights into purchasing patterns.

Example: Mill St. Brewery

For Professionals

Designers, tradespersons, contractors and home improvement professionals during building, remodelling or furnishing projects:

Field Sales

Virtual showrooms showing realistically scaled 3D models bring your products to life and enable you to have your full catalog on display, in store or on the road.Cheaper to set up, they don’t require any staff to maintain or any logistics.

Our AR solutions put your sales team in control as they demonstrate how items will fit into your customers’ homes, showing the customization options and offering extended functionality.

Example: Rinox Experience App

Project Visualization

With 3D virtual displays, your customers are immersed in a fully interactive three-dimensional environment that provides a representation of your products and services, allowing them to customize the project, integrating the changes to see how they will fit their homes. No technical expertise or hardware required.

Example: Complete Staircase Configurator

Project Management

Our project management tool for construction professionals help create estimates on the go, increase collaboration with vendors and subcontractors, help manage task lists and enable comments and photos to be added to work in progress.

Example: GC Reno App
Project Management App for Contractors

Platform Benefits

  • Customer Acquisition61% of customers prefer to shop at stores that offer augmented reality over ones that don’t.
  • Increased sales71% of customers would shop at a retailer more often if they offered virtual/augmented reality. 40% of shoppers consider that they are ready to pay more for a product if they were allowed to test it beforehand.
  • Reducing returns – by imitating the in-store experience, VR/AR platforms gives customers the ability to view 3D rendering of products and customize them to match their needs improving e-commerce websites as they reduce abandoned shopping carts and return rates.
  • Product Visualization77% of AR users said they exploit it to see product differences, such as possible variations of colors and styles. 65% of AR users often use it to find more about product information.
  • Eliminating doubt – being able to view the proposed project in its entirety, to play with the options and swap out products, gives customers the confidence to make wiser and faster decisions, decreasing price sensitivity and sale cycle times
  • Increased interest and time spent45% of customers said VR/AR saves their time, while 68% admitted that they would rather spend more time at the shop if they could use virtual/augmented reality.

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