REALreno Home Estimator

Leverage the REALreno app to increase your closing rate

Is your client selling their home?

Maximize your client’s current property value by

  • Getting them instant personalized renovation estimates
  • Connecting them with a certified, local contractor
  • Incorporating the renovation estimates in their property listing


Helping your client find their dream home?

  • Help them focus on location and the potential of the home by removing the stress of renovations
  • Show them real time personalized renovation estimates based on the needs of the house they’re viewing
  • Make the renovation costs affordable by blending the costs into the mortgage through the Purchase Plus Improvements Mortgage or other renovation financing products

The REALreno Home Estimator app in just 3 easy steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your client’s specific renovation needs
  3. Enter their postal code to obtain a location specific estimate Select “Request Personalized Quotation” should your client want to be contacted by a certified contractor in their area. 
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